Monday 15 April 2024
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How to Actually Win in Sports Betting

How to Actually Win in Sports Betting

It’s a widely known concept that the vast majority of sports bettors are going to lose money. The most popular concept is that 90-percent of sports gamblers will lose money over the course of the year, but that doesn’t stop people from wagering on sports.

That is why you should know these simple tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning in bandar bola.

Understand the concept of value 

Critical. If you don’t understand betting value, you are unlikely to bet on sports and profit. Sure you might be certain that a favourite at odds of 1.45 is going to win, but are the odds being offered giving any value? Plenty of times we’ve heard casual gamblers say “There’s no way this team is going to lose this game.” Well they might be legitimate favourites, but is the probability of them winning better than the odds being offered? Betting with this frame of mind is a little like saying an overpriced €2000 wide-screen TV was good value just because you really really really wanted it.

Value is a simple concept, but most of the betting public don’t understand this. And perhaps thankfully so, because it’s this naive or ‘square’ money that can skew the market, leaving great opportunities for the minority of gamblers who do know how to recognise value.

 Fall in love with the ugly duck 

The longer you bet on sports, the more you will come to fall in love with the team that nobody likes. In fact, you will often feel better about a potential bet the uglier it looks on paper. Sounds counter intuitive we know, but the less the general public likes a team, the more you should like the look of them in terms of betting value. Especially a team that might have performed well over a long period but may have had a bad run of maybe 4 or 5 games. Just watch the general public jump off them, and watch their value rise.

 Don’t dwell on the past

Don’t let a recent losing run throw you off your game. Put it out of your mind and stay with your analysis and have faith that the wheel will turn. Similarly, don’t let a recent winning streak give you false courage and lead you to overextend yourself. Again, stay with your analysis and stick with your plan.

Keep records of your betting

If you want to be successful long term, you need to keep records of your betting. At the very least this should involve a spreadsheet tracking each of your bets, the stake, the odds, the result as well as any comments you want to add concerning that particular bet. Without a detailed record of your bets, your betting will only become less disciplined and more random. Keeping records doesn’t just assist you in keeping track of your betting profit and loss across each of your betting accounts, but the simple and regular practise of entering each bet and each result will enhance your betting discipline.