How To Improve Your Poker Mind Set And Bring Out Your ‘A’ Game

 Poker is a game enjoyed by millions of people around the globe. Whether you are playing just for fun or going for a million-dollar jackpot, you need several things to go your way. The first element of a successful poker game is skill, which you will develop as you become more experienced. The second element is luck, which is a part of any card game whether it is blackjack or canasta. Next, you need to have the ability to read players and the cards. Finally, it is important to have a strong mindset in place.


How is it possible to improve your poker mindset and improve your “A” game so that you become much more successful? Read this helpful guide in order to find out.

Practice Playing With Bad Hands

Consistently poor hands throughout several rounds of poker can be intensely demoralising and may cause you to lose focus. However, you can turn bad hands to your advantage so that you make other players believe that you have a round-winning collection of cards. This takes a lot of skill, so practice controlling your facial movements when poor cards are dealt. Other players will be able to spot a bad hand by the way that you move your eyes, shift in your seat or adjust your clothes. Go on a poker course to improve your mind set.

Learn How To Read Other Players’ Body Language

Another way to improve your mindset and increase your confidence is if you study how other players react to the cards that they have been dealt. You will able to read the signs of a poor hand because of all the practise you did to control your body language and facial expressions. This will influence your decision whether you choose to play or fold your hand.

Learn When To Fold

When people start out playing poker they are over-excited and feel like they have to bet on every single hand that they receive. However, this is a rookie mistake and is a sign of a bad mindset which is too cocky and confident. You have to resist the urge to bet on every hand, because when you are inexperienced you will find that your money or chips start to run out very quickly.


One of the biggest lessons in poker is to learn when to fold, even if you believe that you have a relatively strong set of cards. You will be able to retain your chips and money whilst waiting for a stronger hand. You will develop a stronger mindset if you learn this skill.

Learn How To Read The Cards

You will need to keep an inventory of the cards in your head if you want to become an extremely successful poker player. This will allow you to work out the cards that are left, as well as those that have been dealt to others. This will give you greater mental confidence in your own game.

Use this guide to improve your poker playing mindset.

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