Why Slots are So Hot in the iGaming World

When it comes to online casino gaming, slots are one of the most numerous games on offer. Although other casino offerings such as blackjack and roulette are extremely popular, and even have more of a presence in popular culture thanks to Hollywood films such as 21 and Ocean’s Eleven, slots still hold court of the rest of the casino world on account of how widely available they are.

Indeed, when you play online slots on 32Red you’ll find more than 320 titles to choose from. Ranging from three-line classics to multi-reel behemoths with more win lines and symbols than you can possible count, 32Red’s bevy of slot machines represent a major part of the site’s overall offering. In fact, this trend isn’t confined to 32Red. Ante-up inside any major Aussie or international online casino, such as Titan, Mr Green, Full Tilt or Betway, and you’ll find that slots of shapes and sizes dominate the landscape.

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So Why are Online Slots to Popular?

The main reason they are so numerous, especially in a live casino, is that they take up very little space, they are appealing for novice gamblers and they are comparatively cheap to run in comparison to other casino games.

Slot machines come in many different forms, but the most popular are progressive jackpot games where player’s money from a station of slot machines is combined together to form a mega jackpot. Players are attracted to these games because theoretically you can win a huge sum of money, in some cases over $1 million, for a small outlay.

Slot machines both in live casinos and virtual ones are usually centred on a theme. These are often based on popular movies, famous people or iconic gambling images. Aside from making them more engaging to play, these themes are designed to create an association between the player and the game. For example, if someone sees their favourite actor splashed across a slot machine they are likely to be drawn towards it.

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Creating an Aussie Feast

Over the last few years Australia has emerged as a thriving online casino hub thanks to the likes of Emu Casino, 32Red and Roxy Palace, and this means software developers are now looking for new ways to captivate the market. As we’ve established, popular themes help make slots a hit with players, so we thought we’d run through a few potential options for the design teams as software companies such as NetEnt.

Although each suggestion probably won’t be making it onto your desktop or mobile screen any time soon, they certainly have a distinctly Aussie vibe and could easily become huge slot hits in the land down under:

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Mad Max: The dystopian blockbuster that was a huge hit in the late seventies and early eighties, Mad Max not only helped launch the career of Mel Gibson, but it quickly broke all box office records for an Aussie film. As you’d expect, the highly industrial and mechanised backdrop used for the film would make for some great images in a slots game, as would the scene of anarchy. Indeed, Mad Max would likely be the most chaotic slot on the market if it was released.

Ned Kelly: Cowboys and outlaws have always been a classic theme used in the slots world, moreover the gaming world, and there are few more famous gunslingers than Edward Kelly. From images of guns to bonus games involving players having to shoot various barrels to reveal mystery prizes, Ned Kelly should provide a wealth of options for slots designers.

Crocodile Dundee: It might be slightly clichéd and overly kitch, but there a few things that scream Aussie like Crocodile Dundee. Paul Hogan’s portrayal of the outback hero Mick “Crocodile” Dundee was an eighties hit and has remained a classic ever since. Although the overall storyline doesn’t leave much for developers to go on in terms of bonus game and symbols, a few catchy quotes, some snapping crocs and the charming Dundee should all be just enough to make this a hit with slots players the world over.

As you can see, online slots offer a myriad of possibilities for iGaming developers. Whether it’s Aussie themed titles or games satisfying another genre, virtual slots are extremely versatile and that’s the reason they’ve become major hits with online players over the last decade.

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