What is the dress code for women at a casino?

As women, we often spend a long time worrying about what we are going to wear and when it comes to spending an afternoon or evening in a casino, deciding between something casual and smart can take hours of endless trying on and discarding of perfectly suitable outfits. The key to knowing what to wear on a night out to a casino is not to fret too much, and remember that many of the top casinos in the UK and the US don’t actually have a dress code.

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Top Tips

However, the best thing to do is contact the casino in advance to enquire about their dress code, so that you know if you have to dress smartly or if the choice of whether to dress up or not is yours. So, just what should a woman wear to a casino? This really varies from casino to casino and if you are unsure and you are worried about being turned away, then the best thing to do is dress up nicely and follow the following rules:

  • Always wear shoes with a closed toe
  • Your hemline should never be overly short
  • Nothing beats a little black dress when spending time in a casino
  • A skirt and blouse combination also works well

dress code for women at a casino

Top Don’ts …

Looking respectable is always a good idea, as it is up to the casino whether or not they allow you to play in their house. This means that while there is not always an enforced dress code in place for men or women, it is always a good idea to do the following:

  • Avoid wearing sunglasses, football tops or anything with a funny slogan
  • Never wear anything that could be deemed offensive
  • Leave your Crocs and flipflops at home
  • If you have spent the day at the pool, always change into proper clothing before you head to the casino – even if you only plan on playing a few games

Avoid wearing sunglasses

Dress Up

If you have contacted the casino for advice about what you should and shouldn’t wear but you are not convinced that you have been given the correct information, then it is often a good idea to wear something smart rather than worry about being turned away.

Dress Up casino for advice

In fact, for many of us dressing up nicely is all part of the overall experience of going to a casino, so why not make the most of it and put on some nice lipstick, get your hair done and slip into a pretty dress?

Dress Down

However, it isn’t always necessary to dress up and if there isn’t a dress code in place, then you are fine to wear something simple like a skirt or dress. Even a nice pair of jeans is acceptable and this is often referred to as a smart casual dress code, where you don’t need to whip out the big guns with your LBD but it is still a good idea to avoid wearing a pair of short shorts or cut off sleeves.

Dress Down


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