Monday 15 April 2024
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What are ‘specialty’ casino games?

What are ‘specialty’ casino games?

Blackjack, baccarat, roulette – there are a few casino games that we are all likely to recognize. But what about some of the ‘unsung heroes’ of the casino? Specialty games, as they are known, are those which you won’t find in your ‘default’ games listings.

While you might find a twist or two on roulette or poker at casinos under specific categories, specialty casino games really do stand on their own. They are becoming more popular – you’ll find that a top NJ online casino or two will likely hold a specialty games section to entertain you. Resorts Casino, in fact, is a great place to go looking for lesser-known titles!

Specialty games in brief

Specialty games are those casino options that really do stand apart from the pack. These are games that are innovative or follow their own way – or simply can’t be categorized. In fact, many online casinos are moving towards specialty gaming simply as a result of increasing demand.

But what are some of the most popular specialty games people are flocking to? Arcade games, believe it or not, are making a big comeback through online casinos. These skills games allow you to not only play against others in many cases, but also to win big money based on how well you do.

However, there are also a handful of specialty games that you’ll find both online and in real life casinos, too. These include keno – which, effectively, is a lotto game that takes place live. Simply pick your favorite numbers, and keep your fingers crossed that they will pop up at random!

Other specialty games such as wheel of fortune you may already know fairly well. Similar to roulette, simply choose the symbols or amounts you think the wheel is going to land on, and you could win some serious money.

Are specialty games better than traditional games?

Not always! It’s all about finding a game or two that really appeal to your own strengths and interests as a casino fan. Sometimes, it’s nice to just try your hand at something a little bit different!

Everyone enjoys casino games in their own way. Some may be more accustomed to playing different versions of roulette, while others may prefer trying new and exciting card games. Ultimately, the best casinos always have something new to offer (new slot games or otherwise) and they can often be found online.

Specialty games are sometimes those which you’ll find elsewhere, outside of the casino. For example, arcade games have (naturally) existed far beyond the confines of the casino lounge. It just so happens that there are more and more online casino and slot sites giving you skill games to try in the modern age!

Specialist games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but what they do offer is a fantastic alternative to the same old standards. It’s a great idea to keep a few classic games on side as absolute favorites, but otherwise, why not step outside your comfort zone every once in a while?