Monday 15 April 2024
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Things You Need To Know About Betting On Sports

Things You Need To Know About Betting On Sports


Sports betting can be quite fun, but before online betting sites like came up, sports betting was always considered second class betting. This is because brick and mortar casinos want to make money more than they want to entertain clients. And the usual fare of casino games like blackjack, poker etc. are more profitable for the casinos than sports betting. Mind you, in sports betting the casinos still make money, if you add up all the betting  odds you will find that it is about 10% more than 100, this 10% is the casinos profit, which is like chump change for most big casinos, which is why they never promote sports betting.

Online sports betting

Online sports betting websites have done much to make sports betting popular. The websites offer attractive signup bonuses to new customers and rewards like free bets, contests, bonus money etc to long time customers who come back again and again to the websites like sportsbetting-x.

Betting made easy

sportsbetting-x and similar websites have revolutionized sports betting, there was a time when the new bettors would be quite intimidated once they looked at the board in which all the betting odds have been put down. Now however, the statistics and odds are all lined up in such a way that makes sense to the bettors and doesn’t intimidate them. So, even those with very limited knowledge of betting can get into the game.

Point spread

What happens if a team is clearly the favorite in a match with about 90% winning probability? In that case almost everybody is going to place their money on that team. But this is not good for the bookmakers, so in order to balance the books, they use the point spread system.  You can get more information in but basically point spread is a handicap placed on the favorite team. The better their chance of win, the higher the handicap.