The rule of “10-20-70”

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Almost its entire history of humanity subjected to the temptation of gambling, but never before a desire to play was not as strong as it is now. States sponsor development of all kinds of lotteries. We play in regular casinos and online. Moralists worry about that captures the excitement especially the lower strata of the population. According to them, let yourself have gambling only those people for whom the loss of the lost amount would be perceived only as a fee for a pleasant pastime and safe adrenaline.
People of the middle class can afford once a year to visit a casino to bet on your favorite football team or take a few lottery tickets to millions of jokes. For them, the game – an opportunity to relax from everyday problems and to fill a sense of excitement and adrenaline your leisure.

But the citizens of the lower level, which by means of gambling entertainment at one time want to solve all their problems, the game is dangerous, as anyone else. Most often, it leads to more troubles in life, as they are on this chance donate vital livelihood.

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Entertainment, or a rational approach?

Last year around the world was bought lottery tickets for more than $ 120 billion! Just imagine this figure! But in addition to the lottery people, at least, did not spend less on other gambling entertainment! Crazy Jackpots often overshadow the mind, but nevertheless the game should be approached rationally as possible. To avoid falling into the snares of chance, it is worth remembering about the 3 main points insidious gambling.

The odds will always be on the side of the casino

In any game the casino against you in the long run will have a definite advantage in this percentage of home institutions and receive millions in profits.

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The ratio of visitors to the casino chances of winning

The classic games is the only way to increase your chances of winning – to spend more money. For every opportunity to become the winner of a game of chance will require from you a fee.

Lack of information

Due to lack of information, your game will become only an interesting pastime with obviously little chance of success.

If you do come to win, we must remember the following:

  • Try to get the most information about the interests of the game.
  • Adequately evaluate your chances of winning.

Replace your betting bankroll a certain limit.

According to the facts, the majority of players who are fortunate enough to rip million jackpot to go bankrupt within a few years. But if you do hit the jackpot, do the situation is hopeless?

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The plan “10-20-70”

The plan “10-20-70 used for big wins, and just for the proper disposal of their investments. Under this system, home to many wealthy people who want to protect their money.

10% is allocated to charity

Before you start to squander winning, not greedy and give 10% of the sum to some charity. The money you do not just give – according to a gesture you express gratitude to the world and the fate of the opportunity.

Invest 20% of investments

The fifth part of the winnings can be fed as a result of your lifetime. For this to work, to invest in any business that is, in your opinion, will bring a steady income.

The remaining 70% – lifestyle

Initially, you are part of that money should be spent on the most important thing – to pay off all creditors, distribute debts, purchase the necessary property for housing. Only after you will find that you do not have any mandatory costs can start to do something for yourself. Make some kind of a hidden dream, begin to travel.

If you follow this plan, your bankruptcy will be impossible.

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