The best blackjack apps for iPad

Blackjack is one of the most famous online games in the app store. It is easy to play but not very easy to win, though. So to gamble from your tablet, play best blackjack apps.

Ultimate Blackjack Reloaded

It is a game where the player goes up against the dealer. The sensors give player the real sense of play. The player can play in online mode to go up the challenge leader board. The dealer is cheat free due to atmospheric noise number generator. Along with this, the app is highly audio-graphical & customizable with features like in-app purchase, strategy tutor and online competition.

BC Blackjack

It offers the most realistic feel of blackjack with full sized cards, chips and customizable 3D tables. The game is school for blackjack due to built in trainer and strategy functions. The in-app purchase to pro version will give the player speed deals, practice modes, ad less screens and advance plays with huge amount of free chips without waiting.

Blackjack Online-Just Like Vegas!

It is an action-jammed game for all and sundry where every game offers free coins. The player can play against real players online, friends on social media etc and also chat with them or send gifts. This intuitive and realistic game gives the player $5000 on signup and daily bonus up to $100000. The player can play as guest or login through facebook account.

Blackjack 21 – play free. Best online casino game.

It gives the player a user-friendly interface &real casino feel and lets one play without registering. If the player is new it helps one to learn and gives free chips. The player is also allowed to link to other casino games accounts of the same firm like Texas Poker.

Blackjack 21 – FREE Las Vegas Casino Blackjack

It is a game that actually improves the player’s real skill. The player can place bets, split cards, play on multiple tables only by tapping or dragging. The game dealer gives insurance pay of 2:1 or casino pay of 3:2 on blackjack. The game is fun to play and gives daily bonus spin for the player to earn free chips.

Blackjack 21 Free!

It is a hassle free game, which follows standard Las Vegas rules and lets the player keep track of ones play record. The game has no chip buying tricks. The deck shuffle animation and simple controls for double down, surrender etc along with useful hints and free in-app purchase make the app a popular one.

Blackjack Casino 2 – Double Down for 21

It is a game with smooth graphical and classical casino gameplay. The player can play the game anywhere and anytime with real rules. The games give the player knowledge of online global leaderboard and also have free in-app purchase options.

Blackjack Card Counting

This app is built for improving the player’s card counting skill. Realistic graphics with German and English card artwork along with single or dual card display boosts the games presentability. The game teaches the Hi-Lo strategy by default to the player.

Blackjack 21 Pro – Multi-Hand (Vegas Casino Fun)

It is an app that allows the player to play up to 12 hands at a time while allowing one to participate in a multiplayer game. The fluid animation along with online ATM feature is the game’s USP. The game also offers interactive learning and multi-count info screen.

Card Counter

It simply teaches the player about blackjack card counting by offering many card counting options along with many game modes. The game lets the player keep track of the game centre leaderboards. The voice over by Oscar Santana and one-time purchase is the USP.

Learn Blackjack – How To Play And Win Blackjack At Home Or In Vegas

The player will learn blackjack through this app. The features are quick and easy to learn. The app will verse the player with every scenario, quiz, cheat sheets and more along with simulation and optional in-app purchases.


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