Reverse Implied Odds in Poker Game

Reverse Implied Odds in Poker Game

In order to have better understanding of reverse implied odds, it is important to understand what we mean by implied odds. In case of implied odds, you mentally calculate how much you are expected to win after making the draw. You should be able to guess about the hand that your opponents are having and how much they will be in a position to get based on their hand.

Now reverse implied odds is just the opposite of the above. Here you mentally calculate how much you can expect to lose by completing your draw as your opponent is assumed to be having a better hand than you. In fact, your hand may increase the gain of your opponent.

While playing in any situs poker online terpercaya, you must be very clear with this concept so that you are able to take right decision while declaring your bet.

Let us take an example to get clarity about the concept of reverse implied odds. In many occasions, you are forced to think about reverse implied odds when your hand is poor. Suppose you have got good hand but it is not a great hand that you can bet high. Your opponent will also do the same if their hand is also not so good. So, either you will try to confuse your opponent with bluffing. However, in case your opponent has better cards as compared to you and likely to get bigger card then your future betting will cost you too much. In such case, the implied odds will be much more than what you estimated and you never knew it while betting.

Reverse implied odds can never be too pleasant to you unless your opponent has no more money to bet. Usually, any over aggressive players will be a loser with reverse implied odds. Though they may win the current game but end up losing maximum game when the opponent gets better hand or he is able to make.

You cannot use any mathematical theory to estimate how your opponent will bet in future and how will they behave. You can play reverse implied odd if the current odds in the pot is good. However, if it is not then your gain can become very marginal.

Usually, it is better to take the option of reverse implied odds when you are not too sure whether your hand is better than all your other opponents. In the future, betting it may cost you more.