Porsche Drive Away Promo Up for Grabs at Golden Slots Casino

Casinos have different marketing strategies to entice more players and keep them coming back. From grand jackpots, sign in bonuses, mini jackpots and mini bonuses to special promotional offers, casinos aim to reward their loyal clients well.

Golden SlotsCasino, secures its thousands of guests each day through a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly promotion wherein luxury prizes are at stake as part of their promotional offers. This month ofMay, a brand new luxury sports car –2016 Porsche 911 in deep red color is up for grabs. Draw will be on May 30, 2016.

This raffle promo is open to all members. If you are not yet a certified member, register at the membership counter so you won’t miss this lucrative opportunity. You can join this mega prized raffle by earning at least 30 points on a golden slot machine or a table game. Every 30 points garnered entitles you to 1 raffle entry. So, the more you play or the more time you spend in the casino, the higher are your chances of winning. Be sure though to read and understand the promo’s terms and conditions just in case you will be the lucky winner.

There are some factors to consider before you ardently pray to get that car like tax issue, your readiness to own such a lavish car, can you afford to bring it home, can you even drive or have a driver’s license. Some casinos offer to exchange the car with cash. Check if you have an option to take the money equivalent instead of the car. Usually, when you choose the cash option, it islesser than the actual value of the car. So, if the market value of Porsche 911 is about $85,000 to $150,000, you’ll be offered a little less than $150K. But still, it’s a large amount of money that is given for free. You couldn’t find that anywhere without hard work.

A lot of other alluring promotional offers are coming soon. Members will be receiving updates from time to time through their mobile or email. This is one perks of being a member. You get to know and enjoy first the casino’s special treats. You have easy access to their products and services and other rewards exclusive for members only. So, if you’re still hunting for the best casino that can give you the benefits you are looking for plus a lot of extra pampering, Golden Slots Casino is a good choice!

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