Monday 11 December 2023
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Poker, How To Unmask A Bluff?

Poker, How To Unmask A Bluff?

We assume that you already have heard of the bluff in a poker game. This technique is to send wrong signals about your hand through your attitude in order to deceive the opponents. This is the most prominent strategy. Without a bluff poker game is not a real poker game.


However it is quite possible to unmask the bluffs and for that you definitely need to carefully analyze your opponents. The more you watch your opponents, the more you will discover, the more you will realize that there are certain signs that do not lie. Often some players subconsciously make repetitive gesture when they make a bluff. Here we will draw a list of important things that you absolutely must pay attention to get to unmask a bluff. Once you feel confident, you can play casino games online on w88.


Body language is a language that never betrays. Yes because the gesture is primarily preverbal. Some players change their posture based on their hand. A player naturally expresses a posture that shows confidence when in possession of a strong hand. You need to watch out for small signals to figure out whether he has a strong hand or weak hand.

The quirks

This was mentioned a little earlier, however it is still important. It is quite common that some players make the same gesture every time they try to do a bluff. Some players move their hand through their hair; others tend to take a quick look from left to right etc. As a player, you need to watch out for these distinctive signs that can help you win your game.

Expressing too much ease

However, this may seem silly at first glance but the truth is some people do fall into this trap.  Sometimes it happens that a player will express relative ease in order to doubt his opponents. It’s a way as another to try his bluff and in this case, it is important to refer to other points mentioned in the article to identify the real from the fake.

Watch his hand several times

Watching hand several times is a common behavior among beginners while in possession of a strong hand. They like to “verify” their hand before playing a big blow. So beware of the beginners …


Your breathing rate can betray you. It is difficult to control and it says something about your state and therefore your hand. Rapid breathing does not necessarily mean you are in panic and you have a weak hand. Rapidly tends more commonly to the excitement because of a strong hand.