Industry of Bitcoin gambling seeing a massive development

Within recent years, the number of people watching sports at stadiums and arenas is reported to have dropped significantly, most likely because by now more than enough possibilities to watch various matches and tournaments at home have emerged. The thing is, there seems to be a similar trend to have entered the field of BTC casino gaming.

Bitcoin, an advanced virtual currency powered by a decentralized blockchain protocol, falls somewhat beyond our conventional understanding of regular monetary systems, and what it can give its users in any business or industry it is employed in is a top-level payment anonymity. Thus, it is hardly any surprising the demand after bitcoins is increasingly rapidly, while the popularity of traditional real money gambling houses is declining.


It is important to stress the scope of using bitcoins extends much farther than online casino games, virtual poker, and lotteries, as these days, more and more Bitcoin sports betting platforms arise globally. The reason behind that is operators willingly respond to wishes of their customers who seek to enjoy sports wagering activities on the most advantageous terms, that is maximally conveniently and cost-efficiently, all thanks to BTC transactions enabled. Other than that, with bitcoins, bettors are now free to explore the latest wagering options available, including multiple choice betting platforms where any of the parties involved can come up with their own custom odds offering, as well as the possibility to bet against each other.

Most crucially, with Bitcoin payments, no additional fees are imposed on fund transactions (and if there are – these are ludicrously small), this being also the case with monetary policy on BTC sportsbooks. At the same time, on fiat currency betting platforms, things are completely different, as here you have to deal with commissions on exchange and processing that may easily be amounting to 10% or more per cent. By the way, there is also another distinctive field of virtual sports betting that has seen a substantial growth owing to Bitcoin integration, and that is called fantasy sports. Despite the authorities’ attempts to impose multiple restrictions on it (they simply couldn’t leave unnoticed this area becoming Bitcoin-friendly, hinting at the eventual introduction of crypto payments into it capable of making it potentially unsecure for bettors), BTC has very promising outlooks in this yet-emerging branch of the global sports betting industry, as it can further extend the wagering horizons for punters in every corner of the world.

In the field of virtual poker, the situation is, however, a bit contradictory. In one respect, today, the number of online poker platforms, which offer their players the possibility to make deposits and receive payouts in Bitcoin, is ever-increasing, and there are rooms where BTC transactions are enabled as either a primary or secondary payment option. That said, there are still too many gamblers disinclined to change anything about their gameplay convenience, and sticking to payments in real-money on ‘regular’ poker websites via traditional electronic settlement methods like wire transfers etc. They may have their own reasons to do so, but, more often than not, they are simply unwilling to change anything because they are too suspicious of the new technologies. BTC payments are, for sure, nothing to be afraid of at all, on the condition bettors and players choose absolutely reliable time-proven gambling websites to make their wagers on. It is clear there are dozens of sleazy operators seeking to swindle the unwitting public, but finding the one you can fully trust yourself to shouldn’t actually be any complicated nowadays, with so many provably fair houses operating, as well as dozens of gambling-themed sources and feedback from other users available on the Web.

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