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Important Etiquette Tips in Online Poker

It is not uncommon for poker players to sit in front of a computer and think that they have every right to behave like a jackass. To help everyone get educated better, we present below some online poker etiquette tips which must be followed in all games, be it domino qq or blackjack.

Don’t tap the glass

You must never berate or make fun of any poker player for his bad play. Showing foul words at him or displaying your anger at his bad move will not help you in getting your money back but would definitely make the other player become enlightened about his error and lead him to rectify it. Thus, he would emerge as a better player who does not become favorable for you. Additionally, it would spoil the fun and friendly environment of the game and is likely to make all others move to play with more friendly players.

Do not flaunt your knowledge about an outside hand

Many poker players like to drool out advice on other poker player’s hand. It has no connection to him whatsoever. This is highly unethical and likely to offend other players. Again, it is important to separate it from table talk which is a completely acceptable way to influence the outcome of the game. In scenarios where you are all in, and the opponent needs to decide on calling or folding the game, you can talk to him to influence his decision. This is acceptable tactics and is popularly called as leveling.

Refrain from giving any indication of the hand you folded

You must never talk about your hand at any point and under any circumstances during a game. This is likely to influence the play graph of the hand and impact its outcome. This also becomes unfair to other players. If you wish to, you can speak about it after the game has ended.

These will help you become a better poker player.

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