How to Play Bingo and be a Winner with Bingo Lingo

If you’re thinking of playing online bingo for the first time – here’s some useful bingo lingo to help you feel at home when you play bingo online.

Bingo Lingo

While you may be familiar with the rules of bingo, playing bingo online is a little different, but the good news is that it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it – but one of the biggest differences is the bingo chat feature which most beginner players won’t have seen before. At first glance, it may seem like a lot of mumbo jumbo appearing on the screen – so how can you decipher it? The following are some of the most commonly used terms on bingo websites. Once you get used to these ones, any others will be easy enough to interpret. Being able to understand bingo lingo will make it much easier to keep up with the pace of online bingo – and more importantly – allow you to socialize between bingo sessions.

Bingo Lingo

Commonly used abbreviations on bingo sites

  • A single number, for example, ’45’ might appear in the chat window – this simply means that a player is waiting for that particular number to claim BINGO!
  • When a player is on the verge of a major bingo win – maybe the big jackpot prize – you might see ’26 pls’ appear in the chat window – this means ‘number 26 please’.
  • If you see other players replying with ‘gl’ or ‘GL’ – it means they’re wishing a player ‘good luck!’
  • Immediately after someone becomes a Bingo Winner you’ll probably see a lot of chat activity which will probably include some of these: ‘wtg’ or ‘WTG’ which means ‘Way to go!’ or ‘gj’ or ‘GJ’ meaning ‘Good job!’ which are common ways to congratulate the player who has just claimed bingo.
  • If you win at bingo and other players send you congratulations – you can simply reply with ‘TYVM’ which stands for ‘Thank You very Much’.
  • Other expressions include: GG = ‘Good game!’ BRB = ‘Be Right Back’ and some which are common in texting too, like LOL = ‘Laughing Out Loud’ for when someone tells a joke. It shows you think something is funny. Or ROTFL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing = the joke or whatever was said was extremely funny!

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Playing bingo online can be just as much fun as playing bingo in an old-style bingo hall and bingo online is just as sociable as well. So arm yourself with some bingo lingo and enjoy your online bingo experience – you could even create your own bingo lingo once you make friends with a few other regular bingo players.

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