How To Play A Casino Card Game?

Have you ever wondered how to play the casino card game? Until 1797, Casino was described in books on card games. Although the game is quite easy, containing few details, still you can add the thrill and suspense to this game.

Here, we discuss general concepts and how to play casino games.

General Concepts of the Gameplay

Casino is played with a 52-card deck among the players ranging from two to four players. Two cards are dealt with the opponent, two face-up in the middle while two to the dealer. This process is repeated once.


The objective of the game is to score points by winning specific and most cards. Here, how you will get points according to your winning cards.

  • 3 points for winning the most cards
  • 1 point for most suited spades
  • 2 points for ten of the diamonds (also known as a big casino)
  • 1 point for two of the spades (also called little casino)
  • 1 point for each ace


During gameplay, you will try to take in as many cards as you can to get as many points as possible. You can take in your cards by pairing a card from your hand to a card that is in the middle. Multiple cards from the middle can be added together and taken in by a card that equals your total value. In case you are unable to take in the card, you will have to trail a card which means placing a card from your hand into the middle.


There are two combinations i.e. a build and call combinations that can be created during gameplay. Let’s discuss each of them separately.

  • Build a combination

You can create a build combination by combining your card with the card in the middle. It’s only done when the combined total equals the value of a card that’s in your hand. For instance, you can combine 2 from your hand and the 6 in the middle to build an 8 that’s in your hand. You will announce the build number e.g. “Building 8s” to let your opponent know that 2 and 6 are combined, and hence cannot be separated. On your next turn, you can take the built 8 if your opponent hasn’t taken it.

Similarly, the combinations will continue to be built-up. You can add an ace to a built 8 to turn it into a built 9 while having 9 in your hand.

  • Call Combination

A call combination is when cards are combined with an equal value. This is done when you have a card of equal value in your hand. For example, you can add an 8 from your hand to an 8 in the middle while announcing “Calling 8”.

You can also use multiple cards from the middle to create a call combination. For instance, you can play 5 onto the 2 to build a 7. And, on the same turn, you can add the built 7 to a 7 in the middle to call 7.

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