Essential Etiquettes That You Must Follow in Online Poker

The introduction of online poker platforms has helped the game become more popular and also has increased the engagement of people in the game. The big cash prizes and exciting tournaments hosted by online poker platforms, like poker qq  have been instrumental in attracting people to online poker. Online poker has many benefits over the traditional casinos which has added to its popularity.

However, many people who play online poker tend to think that because they are behind a computer and invisible to their competitors they have a permit to do whatever they want. This is obviously not what you should think. There are many things that an online poker player should be aware of before joining into an online poker game or tournament.

Here are some of the etiquettes that you should follow while playing an online poker game or tournament:

Behave well

You should never behave badly with people for making a bad play.There is a probability that one of your opponents is an amateur and doesn’t know a great deal about online poker. This is why it’s recommended that if something or someone made you angry during the game, just ignore it and try to avoid any type of reaction.

Shouting at your fellow opponents in the chats or putting all the money of a weaker player on a weak draw will not help your causes and won’t get your lost money back. This is why you should never be rude to your opponents.

Don’t misguide people by talking about a poker hand you’re not in

It’s recommended that you don’t talk about a player’s poker hand or give advices to players on a hand which they are in. This might cause confusion in the game among the players and can be bad for the game. However, if you’re all in and the other player has to decide whether to fold or call, you can speak to them and can influence them politely which is completely acceptable.

Don’t use abusive language in the chat

Online poker websites are very severe against players using bad and abusive language in the chats. This is why you should be very careful and not swear in the chat window of the website. Being abusive is also not good for the game, since your fellow players and opponents might find it offensive and leave the game midway which is not good.

Use a good internet connection

It’s important to have a good internet connection for playing online poker. It not only frustrates you, but also its frustrating for your fellow players, since they have to wait till you reconnect and get back to the game. Slow internet connection can also lead you to miss out on winning a pot because you get disconnected.

If you get disconnected in between a game then the other players are forced to wait in the middle of hands which is not good. Although many online poker sites provide you a small time window to reconnect, but you must avoid the situation.

Don’t declare your folded hands

When you are not in a hand, it’s suggested that you don’t talk about the cards that you folded. Discussing folds can get you in big trouble as it can give an upper hand to your opponents, since they get to know what cards will not come on the board again. This is why you shouldn’t influence the game by giving out information to others.

Keep up with the pace of the game

This is one of the most important things that people generally tend to forget while playing online poker. Imagine a situation where a game is going smooth and fast, but suddenly a fellow player takes very long to take a call, it feels frustrating right? The same is applicable to you. You shouldn’t make other wait for your call, you should make your decisions faster to keep up with the pace of the game.

Slowing down the game is bad for all the players involved in it, it can also force players to quit the game  which can be frustrating.

Don’t slow-roll

Slowrolling is a very bad etiquette in online poker. If at any point of time you think that you have a good hand and you’re going to call your bet, do itas soon as you make a decision. However, slowrolling can sometimes be acceptable in some cases. For example, if you’re playing with a player who’s being abusive in the chat, slowrolling can be necessaryin these cases.

These are some of the etiquettes that you need to follow while playing a of online poker in websites, like poker qq.

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