Different types of sports betting

When judi online on sports, you need to know the various types of sports betting which include:

Live/In play betting

It is normally based on the same concept as the traditional sports betting on fixed odds, because the wagers are still placed at fixed odds. But there is one difference which is quite significant. When it comes to the traditional betting on fixed odds, wagers have to be put before the event starts. But with the in-play betting, wagers can be placed before or during the time the event is ongoing. It opens up a variety of betting opportunities and it has become quite popular with bettors.

Exchange betting

The exchange betting utilizes fixed odds but it doesn’t have a bookmaker. Instead, the two parties wagering are bettors. One of the sports bettors backs the selection while the other one layers the selection. The one that happens to be laying acts as the bookmaker, offering the other party the fixed odds on the selection. If the one backing the selection happens to be correct, then the layer will have to pay them the agreed odds. In case the selection of the backer happens to be incorrect, then the layer will have to pay them the agreed odds. If the wager is incorrect, then the layer receives the stake. It might be sounding a little complicated but it is not in real sense.

Spread betting

When using spread betting, then there are no fixed odds that are involved and the wager doesn’t lose or win.  You will have to pick whether a certain number is going to be lower or higher than what was posted by the bookmaker in the spread, and the amount you lose or win will depend on how much lower or higher the numbers happen to be.

Pari-mutuel betting

Pari-mutuel betting is utilized mostly for horse racing wagering but you can use it for other sports also. It happens to be another form of wagering where there is no need for a bookmaker, and there are no odds either. For each particular betting market, everyone will be able to stake and the stakes are placed in a pool. At the end of the event, the ones who backed the selection which has won are paid from the collection in the pool. Each person will have to be paid as per the amount they staked and the number of sports bettors who backed the selection which won.

Esport betting

Esport betting tends to be quite similar to the fixed odd betting. There one major difference though it does not involve having to wager on the traditional sports. Instead, the ones who pick to bet on esports will have to place their wagers on the competitive video gaming. Although it is a sport which has been around for quite a while, it is only until recently when it took off. There are many leagues and events which are now streamed or televised online attracting a large audience.

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