Monday 11 December 2023
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Cleopatra Slot Symbols Could Make You Obsessed about Playing the Game

Cleopatra Slot Symbols Could Make You Obsessed about Playing the Game

Online slots are addictive. This is why this simple casino game has already become available online. You don’t have to go to a regular casino just to play the game. You can register online and play slots for as long as you want.

A lot of people have given it a try and are very satisfied with the results. They were extremely happy that they didn’t have to leave home just to play. There are also huge jackpots at stake. There are others who have bought several tickets so they can keep playing the game. If you match the symbols, you can win points that will be converted into actual money later. You can also use part of the prizes to continue buying tickets and playing the game.

Additional feature

You might love it more now if you realise that you can play slots with Cleopatra symbols. This is a special slot game where you only have Cleopatra’s images to match. You can even use the special Cleopatra voice as your guide. It is like being transported to the time when she was in power.

An inspiration

You can find a lot of Slot Games with Cleopatra’s images being featured simply because she is a strong character. She lived during a time when women were not given power in society. She was supposed to be just a subordinate of men, but she fought to remain in control.

She married her brother as customary, but still fought against the tradition and left him. She also married a ruler from a different place to stay in power and fight other leaders who planned to take power away from her hands.

She even seduced men just to get her wishes. Caesar, one of history’s strongest men also fell for Cleopatra. They were supposed to just forge power, but they fell in love and had three children together.

Most people would say Cleopatra’s ways are not really the best way forward for women of today. Of course, seduction is not always the key. However, let us not forget when she lived it was at a time when women didn’t have a role in society. Women were belittled and considered frail while men were the only ones who had the right to lead.

For her to stand up and tell the world that she could also be a leader was a huge deal. She might have been obsessed and hungry for power, but the point is that she did whatever she wanted to do in life. Women should also do the same thing.

Be inspired now by playing Cleopatra slots online. You will never regret this decision.