Blackjack: Strategies to Get the Upper Hand at Casino Tables

Casino games are a lot of fun, and Blackjack is one of the most popular. It might seem like luck would be the only factor in whether you win or lose, but there are actually some strategies that can help give you an edge against casino tables.

Different tips and tricks to improve your chances at winning big:

  1. Don’t bet on 17 – You should never make this bet because if you have two cards with a value of 10 or more, then it’s likely the dealer has a better hand than you do. If they have an ace card, then it’s even worse: their odds of getting blackjack from here are about 1/2-3/4.
  1. Don’t be greedy – This is a common strategy that most people don’t think about. However, you should bet only for the odds in your favor because if you’re not sure, take another card to evaluate it.
  1. Betting more than one card at once is when gamblers have two or more cards and decide to place bets on them together- as long as the player has nothing invested yet. The casino will payout based on which combinations of hands win. If both hands lose, they’ll still get paid but with less money back due to their double investment in this game type. To improve your chances here, play smaller amounts so that if either hand loses, everything will remain the same.
  1. You should always keep your cards on the table and not pick them up until you’re finished with all of your bettings for that hand. This is because if you accidentally take one card off too early, then it will nullify any bets made before that point in time. Sometimes this might work out to your advantage, but most often than not, you’ll end up wasting money by resetting everything back to zero again.
  1. Going for third base- This means betting on your current total as well as adding one additional chip onto it. Many people are hesitant about this because you’re risking going into negative numbers- but in return, the payouts can be much higher, too, depending on how good your odds are against the dealer’s cards.
  1. Take advantage of “dealer’s choice” – This is a great strategy that lets you pick the card you want from two cards. If both are high-value cards, then this gives you an even better chance at winning, but it has to be done in moderation because if they choose one with a lower value and your second hand also has low values, then it won’t work out so well for you.
  1. Insurance bets – It might seem like insurance would protect your money, but most often than not, it doesn’t help (unless the dealer starts showing ten through six). The only time buying insurance will make sense is when five or more decks are used on the table–then the odds are about 20-25%.

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