Monday 11 December 2023
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Are you a committed bettor with ambitions to make real profits?

Are you a committed bettor with ambitions to make real profits?

Here the answer is. A parlay is a single sports betting that encloses two or more bets joined to one. If the parlay loses in any one of the bets, the entire parlay loses. If all the bets are won, then the bettor will get a huge amount.

Football Parlays:

In the case of football parlays, you are not going to bet on the team that will win but on the team which will cover the spread. The stronger have to win a few points to be successful and the weaker one has to lose the same number of points. In another point of view, the stronger has the points deducted from the score and the weaker has the points added to the score.

The number of points will be varied based on the difference in effectiveness between the two teams. If one of the teams is too stronger than the other, the number of points will be higher that is a big spread. If both the teams are matched then they are small spread.

The payout is depending on the number of selections. This is followed by many of the bettors. But the risk is also increasing in parallel, that more the selections more the winnings are required. Also, the parlays having a small number of teams are not easy to win. This concept puts you in a very hard situation that out of 5 selections if four are correct and one is wrong.

Fixed odds are not always used to calculate the payout whereas few sites use the fixed odds. It never says that the chance of winning is decided by the odds, but they are calculated by taking the product of odds for all selections.

Get relaxed with Progressive Parlays:

Progressive parlays will give some relaxation by providing some allowances for the error. Who will do this for free? There is a demand for it. Even if you get all your selections are correct, you will be paid only for the condition that one of your selections is wrong. If your selection is seven or more, then you will be paid even if two of your selections are wrong. Progressive parlay is a safer option to continue with.

Points to remember:

  • Out of two odd parlays, it is advised not to use the fixed parlay. The payout in the fixed odd parlay is generally lesser.
  • The staking to be kept as small as possible. Avoid taking a risk by placing high staking. We cannot say the limit for staking, but the staking should be lesser than what normally be kept on wager.
  • Keep the number of selections low. If the numbers of selections are high, the winning chances are getting reduced. But on the other way, if the number of selections is more, more the payout will be. It is better to make a smaller profit in long run.
  • The maximum payout is provided by the bookmakers and betting sites.

Prediksi parlay is a real thing without playing, winning the money by just selecting the sports winners.