Monday 11 December 2023
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5 Things Every Newbie Rummy Player Should Do

5 Things Every Newbie Rummy Player Should Do

The Indian soil has never witnessed so much popularity for an online game as for rummy. Even the online cricket games have lesser users as compared to the rummy games. Rummy is the game of cards in which each player playing the game has to make sequences and sets with the cards he/she is dealt with. A player needs to make a pure sequence and other 3 sequences can be made accordingly. The more the number of high valued cards used in the sequence, the better the chances of scoring are.

Things Every Newbie Should do in a Rummy Game to Enhance Chances of Winning

But if you are a newbie and want to improve your chances of winning the game, you should follow these golden tricks that might help you in winning the games.

Practice, Practice, and More Practice

As the old proverb says- “Practice makes a man perfect”, it goes well with the game of rummy as well. If you want to improve your skills of playing the game, you need to practice really harder. There might be instances when you end up losing the games in the beginning, but you need to learn from your losses and avoid the same mistakes again and again. You will be able to see the improvement once you start winning the games. Start practicing today and learn to develop new skills as you play the game of rummy.

Observe the Pro Players

To enhance your rummy playing skills, you need to observe and learn from the pro players who are already expert in playing the game. You can observe how they make the moves sharply and plan the things in between the game. You must check which card they have picked and which cards have been discarded. The discard section can help you in tracking the order of sequence of your opponent. You must learn these skills from the pro players. Watching every card that is dropped should be your first priority if you want to judge the minds of other players involved in the game.


Every rummy player should learn to improvise. This is one of the most important things to learn if you have just started your rummy career. Avoid using the same old fashioned strategies again and again. Evaluating your opponent is really necessary. Also, you should make your moves according to the situations. By doing so, you will be able to surprise or trick the opponent and get a fair advantage in the game. Make sure that you utilize this advantage to the fullest without taking a wrong move that might be costly to you.


Working on different strategies before and after the game is really important. You should also change your strategies in between the game if you think that something has gone wrong. Moreover, this could surprise your opponent who has pre-judged your strategy. Learn new strategies by working on your game and moves and implement them to win the rummy game. It will make your emerge as a better player over the time.

Keep Patience

You should learn to keep patience. It is one of the most common things that most of the rummy players fail to do. It is advisable not to take any step while playing the game in a hurry. This may cause you the entire game. You are inviting the loss if you are too quick in making your decision. Learn to stay calm and take your decisions wisely. Observe your opponent and check how he/she make the move, judge their move and after thinking twice, make your move. This will surely enhance your probability of winning the game.

The Last Words

The game of rummy is immensely popular these days and many people around the world play these games online. You can join the mass audiences on online rummy website sand enjoy playing this game online while sitting at comfort of home. If you have just started your rummy career then you should follow the above mentioned tricks to emerge as an expert rummy player. Moreover, these golden tricks will help you out in winning the game of rummy comfortably.