Monday 11 December 2023
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5 Reasons Casinos are Blacklisted

5 Reasons Casinos are Blacklisted

There are a number of sites and forums around the web that rate and review online casinos to help you find which ones are worth playing at and which ones should be avoided. Wondering what causes a casino to get blacklisted?

Here are five top reasons:

Bonus Scams

One of the most common reasons for a casino to get blacklisted are casino bonus scams. A casino might offer free money or free game play, but demand absurd requirements before actually giving you the bonus. While it’s not unusual for a casino to have some parameters around how bonuses can be used or winnings paid out, failure to clearly label those in Terms and Conditions agreements are a sure way for a casino to be blacklisted.


This is another obvious grounds for blacklisting. While withdrawals and payments are often delayed, especially in the U.S. where legal limits to online gaming hamper operations, complete non-payment is immediate cause for blacklisting. This issue goes hand-in-hand with bonus scams: rather than promise to send money and then not send it, a blacklisted casino is more likely to concoct a term violation as a reason for why they are withholding your withdrawals.

Unfair Gameplay

Reputable online casinos purchase their gaming software from trustworthy programming companies. In fact, in many instances nowadays the company providing gaming software to online casinos is the same one providing slot machine algorithms and other software to brick-and-mortar casinos. Online casinos who fail to provide proof of software vetting or otherwise don’t meet acceptable legal standards for their random number generators will certainly be blacklisted.

Shady Marketing Practices

No one enjoys being spammed, least of all by a service you’ve invested money in. Spamming your email or other accounts with overwhelming or underhanded marketing schemes never paints a casino in a good light. It’s also likely to cause instant blacklisting if a casino gives or sells any of your personal information to a third-party without your awareness or consent, or fails to properly encrypt and secure your information in the first place.

Generally Questionable Practices

Imagine depositing money at an online casino, hitting a win streak, and suddenly finding the casino unresponsive when you’re ready to withdraw. You can already feel your stomach filling with dread, can’t you? While these practices aren’t necessarily illegal, poor customer service, unresponsiveness, or other borderline and/or actual unethical practices are also a reason for blacklisting.

Sites and forums that can confirm reports of any of these practices by an online casino will be quick to label that casino “rogue” and add it to their blacklists.