Online blackjack tips and tricks to win

Online blackjack tips and tricks to win

The best way to play at the online casino is to play at the online blackjack. It is clearly demonstrated in the statistics. But for winning in this game, one must know the basic strategies as well as the tricks in order to increase his chances of winning.

For winning big in the online blackjack, here are some simple strategies to apply and certain tips and tricks one can adopt. If one knows these tricks, he is sure to win at this game! So, if you wish play online blackjack, you need to be aware of these tricks.

1st tip and trick: If you have a pair of aces or 8, Split them!

When one has 2 identical cards in hand, he can easily separate them into two. It is not only interesting, but also the best possible way to grow one’s chances of winning. The aces are a sum of 12, but if one splits them, he can get twice 21. The worst hand possible is the pair of 8. If separated, there are two chances of getting 18.

2nd tip and trick: Do not split pairs of 10 or 6

A pair of 10 or 6 is the best possible hand, so it should never be split. It is the strongest hand one can get. A pair of 10 equals to 20. Again, one gets the worst possible hand if they split a pair of 6, so one should refrain from doing that.

3rd tip and trick: Never take insurance

Unless one counts the cards, this choice remains set to the casino advantage. It is not possible to count cards at the online blackjack. So, one of the best tip in this game is to never take insurance.

4th tip and trick: Let the dealer bust (over 21)

If a card that is between 4 and 6 included, remains with the dealer it should be left to him to let it bust. However, if one has a soft hand, that is if it is impossible to bust, an additional card can always be picked.

Various tables exist which can be checked if one is willing to be ahead in the game against the dealer.

Here are the basic strategies:

– Not to take insurance

– If one has a total of lower or equal to 11, one must take that

– If the total of his cards is higher than the dealer’s card, the player should double up to 10 or 11

– If one has a total of 18, he must stop

Hands with an ace that counts as 1:

– One should stop if he has 17

– The player should draw a card if the dealer’s card is greater or equals to 7 and he has a total of 12 to 16 included.

Hands with an ace that counts for 11:

– The player must stop if he has a total of 18

– The player must pull if one has a total of 17 or less.

Here’s the latest tip and trick to know

If one draws a card at the online blackjack, the probability of busting are:

His hand + %

At 21 the chances are 100%, which is the maximum

At 20 the probability being 92%

At 19 the probability is 85%

The chances of winning are 77% at 18

At 17 the likelihood is 69%

The probability at 16 is 62%

At 15 the chances are reduced to 58%

At 14 the probability is 46%

At 13 there are 39% chances of busting

At 12 the chances are 31%

There is 0% or no probability of busting at 11

The main strategy is not about a 100% winning strategy, but to reduce the dealer’s advantage. Thus, these are the best tips which are needed to be followed and one has a fair chance of winning.